Get ready for cNFTCON

It’s October 2022 and you’re heading to Las Vegas for cNFTCON but what do you wear?

Well, here at DE Magazine, we’ve got you covered. Quite literally covered! The Doork East Art Department (DEAD) have been busy creating some Doorky Ape Society T-Shirt / Hoodie designs that we’d like to share with you Doorks, you Apes and you NFT Fans.

The following pages show off our Apefresh designs which you are free…

Checks notes…

There’s no prices on these??? Okay then, which you are free to download here! That’s right, these cool original T-shirt designs have been created for you to download and turn into T-Shirts or Hoodies. Maybe you want it on a black hoodie or a red T-shirt. That’s up to you and you’ll have to cover the cost here.

We’re generous, but not that generous. So please enjoy this supplement and pick your favourites designs to rock at cNFTCON 2022.

Doorks – Represent!
Apes – Represent!
NFT Fiends – Represent!

Download all of our designs

The DOORK’s badge

Click on the image to open the full resolution image.

The Casino Cards

The cNFT Cards

DE Authentic Apparel

On Stage Apes

Download all of our designs